Rent Manager



We are a proud API partner with Rent Manager. Our deep integration means you can have all the power of Rent Manager, with all of the maintenance power of Maintain by PM Toolbelt. By linking the two products it means we will keep your properties, units, owners, tenants and MUCH MUCH more in sync. No matter if you enter a Service Issue in Rent Manager, or create a Workorder in Maintain, the two will be in sync.

Once the work is done, we will create both a Workorder and Invoice in Rent Manager. If you work with outside vendors, we can create the invoice so they get paid, along with any markup that gets paid to you as well. We will make sure any notes, scanned receipts, and even a pdf copy of our invoice get synced over to Rent Manager as well.

If you work in a more complex environment, such as running a Maintenance Company along with a Property Management company, we can keep it all in control. Run your Maintenance Company with Maintain and we can sync that company’s financials to Quickbooks, and send all of the important information for your Property Management company over to Rent Manager. Things can get crazy complex, but with Maintain by PM Toolbelt, you will never know it!

Double Entry

We will import, and then constantly (within 15 minutes) keep in sync and changes you make in Rent Manager. These changes can be to owners, tenants, property, units, service issues or vendors. If a tenant moves in our out, we will know it and make the change on our side as well.


Depending on your setup, we can create an invoice for a property owner to pay a vendor, or your company. If you markup invoices, we can create an invoice from the owner to you, and from you to a vendor. Heck, we can bill a tenant as well. Sound complex? It is, but to you it is automatic.


Onboarding to a new software system is hard. With our API integration, it is crazy fast. At the press of a button we can import your various settings and categories, all of your properties, units, just about everything you would need. Fast, simple, and consistant!