Maintain and Quickbooks Online are an amazing pair! Once your work is done in Maintain, press a button (or set it up to be automatic) and an invoice is generated in Quickbooks. Not just any old invoice, it goes to the property Client, Owner, Property and Unit! We don’t just stop at an invoice, we will sync all of the expenses as well. If you track time and materials in Maintain then we will create expenses for vendors and even enter your credit card charges!

We also support estimates, inventory, and much more! If you run multiple companies (say a Property Management Company and a Maintenance Company), we will make sure only the correct data goes into Quickbooks Online. Simple. Quick, and Automatic.

Invoices and Inventory to Quickbooks

Simplify Your Accounting with Our Simple Integration

Invoicing Made Simple

One the workorder is done in Maintain by PM Toolbelt you can either at the push of a button, or even automatically, push the invoice over to Quickbooks. We will send over a PDF copy of our invoice, any receipts, and our workorder number so everything is easy to find. Synchronization can be based off of specific properties or groups, so even if your life is “complicated”, we can help.


If you purchase materials that are “on account”, we can create an expense so the vendor gets paid. If you use company credit cards, we will sync the credit cards, and create the credit card bills for you! Never lose a receipt or expense with Maintain.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

If you need to charge taxes, we can utilize the taxes you have setup in Quickbooks Online. This means Maintain will get the taxes correct on the invoice and put that information back into Quickbooks Online.