An advanced Computerized Maintenance Management System for Property Management and Real Estate.

What is CMMS?

Put simply, our software will help save you both time and money while simplifying your maintenance work. CMMS software helps you computerize your process, Track workers and technicians, pull reports to make sure what needs to be done, is done, and much much more! One top of a typical CMMS product, Maintain by PM Toolbelt will also Help keep everyone in touch through automatic notifications, follow-ups, and trackable two-way communication!

Is Maintain for you?

Maintain is designed to help solve the largest problems you can have with maintenance, Time and Money! It is important to be able to efficiently Schedule your technicians (or outside vendors), and to keep in communication between everyone involved (property owners, tenants, vendors, and people within your company). Maintain will help facilitate a standardized process, and add key elements of automation. By also tracking both the work being done, and important metrics along the way, we are able to help everyone in your company get more done, faster and with more control than ever before.

Maintain is designed and used by small companies down to a single user. Nearly every function can be done on the web or our mobile app.

We work equally well for large companies where Users can either work on the web, mobile, or both. Our typical client owns either a Property Management Company or a Property Maintenance Company, and often times, both! We support a flexible setup making our product work for a vast array of ways to get the job done. Curious if it is right for you? Try it out free for 14 days!

What makes Maintain unique?

There is simply nothing like it.  Aside from standard CMMS features, we offer full scheduling support for both internal technicians and outside vendors.  Easily dispatch to internal techs on our Dispatch board and track there time, materials, and even location on our mobile app. 

For outside vendors you can schedule you can setup required or preferred vendors, or select based on the required skill.  Send out automated messages that automate responses via SMS or Email.  Easily track and store communication between vendors, tenants, owners and more.

Key Features:

  • Automated Communication
  • 24 Hour Call Center *
  • Surveys
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Key and Lockbox Tracking
  • Automatic Time and Material Tracking
  • Estimates and Bids
  • Surveys
  • Projects
  • GPS tracking and mapping
  • Tech Dispatch
  • Automated Outside Vendor Scheduling
  • Recurring Workorders
  • Inventory
  • Multiple Billing Rates
  • Software Integrations
  • Much Much more

Scheduling and Dispatch

Add Process, Automation and Communication to your workorders for both internal maintenance staff and outside vendors. 

If you run a maintenance company or have other internal staff, we have full dispatch scheduling and a mobile app for tracking.  For outside vendors we can facilitate and automate the

Communication between owners, vendors, tenants and your staff.


If a leaky sink gets fixed in a forest does anyone know that it got done?  Maintain will help track everything you need.  From financial reports, material reports, to a key daily report for your technicians. 

Maintain can help you know how many hours were spent driving, purchasing materials, and getting actual work done!  Simple reports at a glance showing the efficiency of your technicians, what they bought and much more.  

Our reports can be viewed online, or exported as PDF and Excel.


 Perhaps you don’t :). But if you have ever found yourself spending too much time following up with vendors.  If you have no idea if maintenance center is a profit center or a money pit.  If you are sick and tried of tacking 11pm calls on clogged toilets.  If you want to start up a maintenance company to add revenue, lots of revenue, than Maintain could be the best investment you have ever made.