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What is Inspect

Inspections can be tricky.  If the software is too simple, it may be fast to get it done, but it will not capture what you need.  If it is too difficult, nobody will ever use it.  Maintain solves those problems and many more for your inspections!  Our customizable templates mean you can inspect just about anything.  Create different question types from simple yes or no, to ratings, questions, and more.  Add to that an infinite amount of rooms and sections and there is little Inspect can not handle.

The key is to do that, yet remain simple to use.  Inspect offers features such as Dynamic Templates.  If you work with a lot of floorpans it is no fun to make a new template for one bedroom, two bedroom and then multiply it by the number of bathrooms.  We solve this by letting you create ONE template that dynamically builds out the number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed.  So now when you have to create, or update, a template, you only do it once!

The other issue is if you have lots of flexibility, it can be difficult to keep continuity.  For example, you use a template, but then find out there is another room you did not count on, or a question you really want to add.  That is simple to do on the fly.  What happens the next time you inspect that property?  To make sure your reports are consistent, Inspect allows you to use a previous inspection as a template for a new one.

Keeping thing simple and consistent allows our most powerful feature, comparisons!  Quickly and easily select two inspections and compare them side by side.  See how the property condition has changed by both viewing the same questions and the before and after photos.  Customizable, fast, and easy, that is Inspect by PM Toolbelt!

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Templates
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Comparisons Reports
  • Prior Inspections as a Template
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Video Support
  • Inspection Surveys
  • Mobile App with offline support, iOS and Android
  • Signatures
  • Works with or without Maintain
  • Damage Estimates
  • Integration with Maintain

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Dynamic Templates

Dynamic Templates allow you to create and maintain less templates.  Create one template for say, an apartment complex.  Define one bedroom and one bathroom, and dynamic templates will automatically create the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms for you.  It is not just about initial time savings, it is about keeping your data consistent as you are not making changes to dozens of potential combinations.

Comparison Reports

Inspect has a standard report of an inspection.  A great way to keep everyone who needs to know up to date on the current condition.  Comparison reports allow you to view to reports side by side to see how the condition has changed over time.  Since Inspect allows you to use previous inspections as a template, you can quickly and easily have to reports with the same questions and layout, allowing you a great view of the changes.