Schedule. Dispatch. Communicate. Work Orders Made Easy.


Maintain is cloud-based Property Maintenance Software designed to supercharge how you handle
work orders and maintenance. Works with internal maintenance employees and/ or outside vendors. Maintain helps schedule, dispatch, and communicate.

Some of the key features:


Work orders can be entered quickly by tenant or employee. “MAINTAIN” uses the latest in web technologies so your maintenance data is at your finger tips. Once entered you can search all of your work orders in seconds! Maintain uses the latest in web technologies to run more like an application than a web page. Filter, sort, and search with absolute ease and lighting fast responses.


Create a work order, schedule it, and you are set.  Vendors, owners, and tenants are all notified by their choice of text message or email.  Vendors can even use our free iPhone and Android applications.

Your staff can view the dispatch board for a real-time view of what is going. You can track progress of every vendor and every work order. With details all the way down to travel time and parts runs, you are in control.


It doesn’t end there, Maintain will follow up with everyone you ask it to along the way, making sure the job is done, and that everyone is satisfied with the results.

Save money by using less of your employees’ time. With our text and email integration your vendors, tenants, and owners will always be kept in the loop! Maintain will send an email or text message to your vendor to let them know about a new work order that has been scheduled. They can accept the work order or ask for it to be rescheduled with a simple response.